DAY6 (Even of Day) <Right Through Me> Album Commentary Film

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DAY6 (Even of Day) <Right Through Me> Album Commentary Film

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yeri somi
yeri somi 9 ngày trước
thankyou, DAY6
Kimmy 10 ngày trước
Yes wonpil, we're absolutely enjoy all the song and also the lyrics so AMAZING. So, don't be curious. THANK YOU SO MUCH guys T.T
FELIIND 15 ngày trước
margareth 15 ngày trước
Day6 kapan comeback lagi 5 orang
crackhead 4 ngày trước
Nunggu yg wamil pulang
Tamara K
Tamara K 18 ngày trước
I love hearing what goes into the songs and what happens behind the scenes, even if just a little - another great and inspirational album by day6
najwa noradili
najwa noradili 18 ngày trước
WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤💜❤💜💜❤❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜💜❤💜❤💜❤
Mixie's Corner
Mixie's Corner 20 ngày trước
It is creepy that everytime I click a DAY6 video, they know how to make my day a lot better always. Wow.
sus 20 ngày trước
We LOVE LOVE LOVE DAY6 🙏💙🙌 4 EVER!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
dianne tapalla
dianne tapalla 22 ngày trước
This album is definitely for everyone. For those who knew love. Who didnt know love. It can really be relatable
밴드좋아함 23 ngày trước
말해뭐해 데식최고 💕💕💕 옷도 넘넘 잘어울리네🥰
Rym rym
Rym rym 23 ngày trước
Watching this makes me admire them even more as musicians and just makes me more curious about the process as well and their thoughts The songs when it comes to the sound it's grand and just beautiful it grabs you in, the lyrics are so relatable and beautiful, they're not very complicated and they speak directly to the heart as these are emotions we've all gone through at least once It makes you less lonely and everything and just the whole album is amazing really thank you for this wonderful album 🥰🥰
NIADIYANTI 24 ngày trước
Love you
Nicole Panchana
Nicole Panchana 24 ngày trước
So proud of you guys
시리 24 ngày trước
이렇게 얘기하는거 너무 좋다....
Adelia. K_ Copywriter_Parasean Advertising
Adelia. K_ Copywriter_Parasean Advertising 25 ngày trước
thank you for delivering masterpieces, kings. 🤴
kyukixx 25 ngày trước
Even the b-side tracks is so good guys, every song in this album is deserve to be main title. GREAT JOB EOD!!!!!!
Ruphathi Khakhalary
Ruphathi Khakhalary 25 ngày trước
someday I'll like to listen Doowon singing with his heavy voice.. im serious.
CeedithV 25 ngày trước
Day6 (Even of Day) Right Through Me mini album; Here's what I felt after listening to all of it last June 5, 2021
shibbi 25 ngày trước
we love all of it and the different direction you went 💯
Karina Jesch
Karina Jesch 26 ngày trước
thank you for this video!
And Peanut
And Peanut 26 ngày trước
los amo chicos!! son tan humildes y solo quieren q disfrutemos de la música T.T
좋은 26 ngày trước
이번 앨범 전곡이 다 좋아 미쳤어ㅠㅠ 원래도 그랬지만 정말 7곡 전체가 다 좋으면 어쩌자는 건지ㅠㅠ 그리고 정말, 노래도 노래지만 담고 있는 이야기, 전하고자 하는 메시지가 정말 큰 위로가 되고ㅠㅠ 내가 데이식스 좋아하길 잘했다, 내가 좋아하는 사람들이 하는 음악이라는 게 이렇게 좋은 거구나, 그런 생각이 드네. 앞으로가 더 기대돼! 고마워 계속 노래해줘!
BlueAshes 26 ngày trước
"from the ending of a tragedy" it's like the evolution of the song "love me or leave me" of: The book of us: The Demon, you can immediately notice with the chorus says "leave me now"
Mary Elizabeth Barbin
Mary Elizabeth Barbin 26 ngày trước
살아있어줘서 고마워요
Lynnel Yap
Lynnel Yap 26 ngày trước
Jae wasn't wrong when he said "Young K? That guy is a genius." How can he write so many great songs?
강현지 26 ngày trước
yay yey
yay yey 26 ngày trước
the spark in their eyes when they talk about their music!!! you could really tell that they are really passionate for their music and that is why we love them ssssm 😭💖 KEEP WALKING KIM WONPIL KEEP WALKING
오늘도영영 26 ngày trước
이번 앨범도 너무 좋아
Karen Arrivillaga
Karen Arrivillaga 26 ngày trước
they are such amazing musicians on every aspect!
FORMENTIUS ROI 27 ngày trước
Semangat yaa✔💖✔
Nando 27 ngày trước
The way they talked about “all the things you wanted” with their similes makes it no surprise why their songs are always written so well.
ands 27 ngày trước
When they talked about the title track, right through me, I suddenly got reminded of something related to me on what they have just said.. I could totally relate to that song I-
hj BBang
hj BBang 27 ngày trước
DevilMateria01 27 ngày trước
Where is Jae?
전지연 27 ngày trước
항상 데이식스 노래는 어떤 노래를 들어도 타이틀곡 같아요. 하나하나 다 들을 때마다 위로받는 느낌이고 전하고자 하는 의미가 잘 와닿아서 너무 좋아요. 응원해요💜
은똥 27 ngày trước
Eda _
Eda _ 27 ngày trước
Hi dowoon, young k, and wonpil. Thank you for make sure this album is fun. I really enjoying. This album is a masterpiece
irene padre
irene padre 27 ngày trước
what did we do to deserve these guys?? the way they think about us is just 😭
shxxxnxx 27 ngày trước
the way day6 has grown through time is evident in their music. in their early albums, they want to tell their stories and i think you can hear it especially in daydream. then around moonrise - gravity, they want to tell the stories of mydays so we can more relate to it. then from entropy up until right through me, i think they just want to create music about life and being human. maybe it's just me that looks at it this way tho. i'm kinda looking forward to the next albums, especially as they reach 30 but also kinda concerned (for lack of a better term) about it. bur hey, just trust and listen to day6!
Ayunda Novita P
Ayunda Novita P 27 ngày trước
Thankyou for always make the Amazing music!! I really love it.. Masterpiece 💕
Oktavia Karim
Oktavia Karim 27 ngày trước
Where is jae ?
Lillee 27 ngày trước
어떻게 노래가 하나같이 다젛아요!!!!!!!!??????
엔터상사 Entersangsa
엔터상사 Entersangsa 27 ngày trước
마이데이 심장 뚫고 지나갈 미발매, 커버곡 모음집💘
Husni Taufiq
Husni Taufiq 27 ngày trước
thank you for making such a beautiful album, its beyond greatness!
이쭈 27 ngày trước
데이식스가 최고야, 멋져, 짜릿해!
hiraya manawari
hiraya manawari 27 ngày trước
Really. They're just unique in their own ways. I don't know much about music, but I am really in love with everything in this album especially with the rhythm, lyrics. DAY6 is like a masterpiece to me everyday. Everything is just wonderful, creative, and with overflowing emotions.
Syarmila Frasanti
Syarmila Frasanti 27 ngày trước
Thanks to give you're heart in every album, it's so touch me until the bottom of my heart😿
Heenun Fleur
Heenun Fleur 27 ngày trước
Guys, this album is a masterpiece ! You can be proud of all the work you did, because the result is incredible ! Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful experience with 7 fantastic and touching songs !
ㅁㅈ 27 ngày trước
음악천재들이 너무좋아
mary ramos
mary ramos 27 ngày trước
How come there is only 3 ?
haha 27 ngày trước
듣고 기립박수 쳤잖아
Sabelle 27 ngày trước
Wonpil face in comeback now be like V BTS
Sabelle 27 ngày trước
Wonpil makin glowup 🔥
Sabelle 27 ngày trước
Btw visual YoungK menonjol banget😣😣🤧❤️
Sabelle 27 ngày trước
Okey, karena Dowoon suka banget sama walk, aku bakalan ngepoin banget ah, keep walking = Kim wonpil 🤣 im laugh so bad 🤣
정뽀리 27 ngày trước
너희를 건강하게 좋아할 수 있어서 너무 좋다 진짜 고마워!! 항상 응원해 음악 얘기하는 너희 진짜 행복해보이는 거 알지?? ♡
ᄋᄋ 27 ngày trước
역대급 가사처럼... 어떻게든 어쨌든 언제나 역대급이니까 이번처럼 앞으로도 자유롭게 만들어도 조을 것 같아요 ~^~ 좋아서 하는 게 부담이 되면 안되자나용.. 저의 사소한 오지랖이랍니다
YuChuan Tang
YuChuan Tang 27 ngày trước
This video really makes me enjoy the album even more. Thank you for your hard works.
WHO IS BRIAN 27 ngày trước
Paul Paul
Paul Paul 27 ngày trước
Their voices are so calm and soothing!!!!
john jeon
john jeon 27 ngày trước
This is one of all Day6 albums that I can’t pick the most favorite. I mean mannn they’re all so gooddd
너의쓰봉이되고싶어 27 ngày trước
이런거 자주만들어주세요ㅜㅜ 너무좋아,,
dwae kki
dwae kki 27 ngày trước
dwae kki
dwae kki 27 ngày trước
“Kim wonpil Kim wonpil"
cutie pie
cutie pie 27 ngày trước
thank you so much EoD, we love you so much
ohyouaremyday 27 ngày trước
which are the songs with electric guitar instead of bass?
lorenz mary billones
lorenz mary billones 27 ngày trước
Best part on walk "Kim Wonpil" lyrics hahaha h
meliansta 27 ngày trước
Right Through me still my fav
meliansta 27 ngày trước
thankyou for sharing about album like this ❤ we need more content like this as a whole group... DAY6 ❤
Syeikhannisa 27 ngày trước
They are very suitable to write their own songs as they think about things in a sentimental, deep way. The way they explain about the songs is beautiful and nicely arranged. They do not only make a song, and that's it, but they also understand what they want to convey and what reaction they want to get from the listeners. Even the explanation itself can be a whole new lyrics for a new song. Great job, Even of Day! Day6!
woonie patootie
woonie patootie 27 ngày trước
I love how they said we shouldn't have focused on how much effort they gave to complete the album. Instead, they want us to enjoy the output. After all, it's music. It's not our challenge to imagine how they managed to bring the impossible, possible. We all have our lives too, work to do. We are here because music is our therapy. To make us feel more at ease in this world. As shallow as it sounds, the only thing for us to do is to appreciate what they have made. Nothing else. We shouldn't be getting to much in the details as it is they're privacy. All I'm asking is for you, Day6, is to find that comfort you are wishing for, not just the comfort that we can give thru our words. To find your 'person' that can be a shoulder to lean on when times started to get rough. It doesn't always have to be an opposite gender, it can also be something that doesn't talk. Just find it with your heart. 💛
14. Jesika Novita Sari L.R.
14. Jesika Novita Sari L.R. 27 ngày trước
Really I loved You
woonie patootie
woonie patootie 27 ngày trước
somehow the ambiance of this commentary feels so much like Scentographer and I'm missing Sungjin and Jae all of a sudden. Scratch that, I'm missing ot5 everyday.
purple kore
purple kore 27 ngày trước
I love how they take time to really innovate and do new things with their music. I'll never get tired of your music, Day6! thank you!!
Meadow Flameglitter
Meadow Flameglitter 27 ngày trước
i love them sm
고구마기침 27 ngày trước
사랑해 마니
Adleena Ahmad Badri
Adleena Ahmad Badri 27 ngày trước
okay i'll listen to it. Thank you ^^
keera revinipati
keera revinipati 27 ngày trước
in the era of online concerts and empty music shows, day6 to still talking about mydays being the singers and the stage, makes me miss live performances and live concerts.
keera revinipati
keera revinipati 27 ngày trước
right through me as track, is just the right amount of wistful sadness
keera revinipati
keera revinipati 27 ngày trước
the way this is a true album commentary like no other, they really feel all the emotion they wrote about. songwriter eod
Joanna_Yoon 27 ngày trước
YoungK: Even if the void seem too dark, there's still light
Yumi Camz
Yumi Camz 27 ngày trước
my beloveds, thank you so much for this album!
cyphertongue 27 ngày trước
Please stream the mv
tsanyta z
tsanyta z 27 ngày trước
what a good musicians👏
tsanyta z
tsanyta z 27 ngày trước
i feel bad for who don't know DAY6
tsuna mayo
tsuna mayo 27 ngày trước
Yup keep doing things that ya'll like.. original musics, an honest one is very rare (luckily all songs are sooo good and no bad songs) that's why I stanned Day6, or Even of Day. RESPEKT!!!! I never stan a single korean group before in my life until i know Day6, i already bought some of Day6 albums too LOL
이라 27 ngày trước
맞아 맞아... 나 술직히 음악 잘 몰라 애들아.. 그냥 좋긴만 해 좋아서 듣는 거야 진짜 너무 좋아서.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ana Cortes
Ana Cortes 27 ngày trước
I liked each and every song, it's a really amazing album, they always make such amazing and wonderful albums.
Hani Ardhanareswari
Hani Ardhanareswari 27 ngày trước
Ever since Negentropy era, there's something shifted in their songs. We hear more various genre that isn't usually used in Day6's songs before. I think Day6's hiatus as a group last year really brings a new light to their works. I feel like they've learned a lot by themselves. It's really exciting to see them explore an even wider range of music and try a lot of new things.
Michael Maro
Michael Maro 27 ngày trước
I really enjoyed the album so much! 😭 I literally stanned day6 2 weeks ago.
Kusumadewi 27 ngày trước
they are so talented
yunamsein 27 ngày trước
of course, I really enjoy your music don't worry and at the same time I know you guys are really working hard for this so thank you so much and i love you guys( ◜‿◝ )♡
seungpil 27 ngày trước
i'm so emotional, their words are just as inspiring and amazing as their songs
🍒فان لصلعة تشانيول 🍓♡
🍒فان لصلعة تشانيول 🍓♡ 27 ngày trước
James C.
James C. 27 ngày trước
Why Jae isn't part of this comeback?
🍒فان لصلعة تشانيول 🍓♡
🍒فان لصلعة تشانيول 🍓♡ 27 ngày trước
لافيو توو
Maine VB
Maine VB 27 ngày trước
Influencing my colleague was really great accomplished for they will know how good and worth to stun this awesome guys. 🐥🐻🦊 🐰🐶
Cal 27 ngày trước
0:43 우린 WE 2:10 뚫고 지나가요 Right Through Me 4:10 역대급 WALK 5:15 내가 원했던 것들 All the things you wanted 6:13 비극의 결말에서 From the ending of a tragedy 6:57 나 홀로 집에 Home Alone 7:52 LOVE PARADE 8:54 Overall album's commentary
ASMA 27 ngày trước
Sesya Stories
Sesya Stories 27 ngày trước
Thankyou Day6
Dowoon get annoyed vs be annoying #HAPPY_DOWOON_DAY
DAY6 in their natural habitat
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